What Is A Mobile Application?

contact-usA mobile application, also known as an App, is a type of application software designed to run on a mobile device such as mobile phones or smartphones. A Mobile application is generally small and individual software units with limited functions and there are many mobile application development companies in Singapore.

Studies have shown that users prefer mobile application more than mobile websites – this is a strong reason to have mobile apps for reaching out to potential (and existing) customers. In addition, there are more reasons to state than apps are better mobile websites.
1.    Personalised
Users can set up their preferences at the start and apps can track and observe user engagement.
2.    Notifications
They are exciting alternative for communicating with the App user in a less intrusive way. Many businesses want to have a mobile App because of the ability to send instant non-intrusive notifications.
3.    Mobile device features
Mobile device features such as camera, GPS or calculator can make the user experience more interactive and fun.
4.    Work offline
Users can work in offline mode thought there is no internet connectivity. The apps are already available on mobile phones.
5.    Apps addiction
Studies have shown that users spend 86 per cent of their time on mobile application rather on websites.


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